A Simpler Space:

The Sane Guide to Downsizing

and De-Cluttering Effectively

Written and compiled by Rosser Maddox of MDX Senior Services,

A Simpler Space is a quick handy guide to help downsize and de-clutter your life and home.   Call now for a FREE COPY with a home consultation.

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A Must Read..."

From the Book...

    "Imagine that there can be a third time in your life when you are no longer encumbered with a house full of objects that in many ways cripple us and prevent us from being free to enjoy other life experiences.

    It is time to consider a simpler life style, one that is not dominated by the clutter and chaos of too many personal possessions. It is time to consider owning your space and possessions and not the other way around.

    This book will help you decide what it is you would like to accomplish with your possessions. We will teach you how to simplify the task of getting organized and motivated to make your individual goals a reality."