Get Organized!

Unable to locate essential items in your home?  Are items hard to get to in your basement, garage or storage area?  If things have gotten out of hand  MDX can help with any problem room, closet or entire living space.

Move Management

Need help organizing and preparing for a move to new living quarters?  What to take, what to give away?  We can help with sorting, packing and moving logistics across the country or around the block.

Paperwork Management

Overwhelmed by bills and paperwork?  Let our experts assist in providing you with sorting out your paperwork and decide what to file and what to shred and provide a simple system for the future.



Need a ride to the airport, doctor or other transportation needs?  MDX has a network of safe, secure and reliable drivers, vehicles and services for every purpose.   Available for daily, weekly or one time use.

Kitchen + Garage Organizing

Are your kitchen cabinets too full?  Does your garage look like a storage facility?   MDX can work with you to organize and de-clutter tough spaces like kitchens and garage areas and streamline your space!

Downsizing for Seniors

Thinking of making a big move to smaller space?  Let MDX help you decide what to take and what to get rid of before moving to a new home. Big job or small, MDX can help with planning, packing, schedules and more.

Schedule of Fees

We are proud of our upfront pricing for our services.  No surprises or hidden fees.  You pay only for the work and time you receive and request.  Feel free to call us for an appraisal and estimate of time required for any specific project.  Our phone number is 301-439-5190.

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

2-Hour Appraisal



 2 Hour In-Home Visit

Valuation Assessment of Contents

Advice and Strategic Planning

Checklists, Worksheets and Book


8 Hour Downsize



Best for Single Rooms/Areas

8 Man Hours

Any Single Area i.e. Basement, Garage, Kitchen

Declutter, Organize,  Clean

Great As A Kick-Start or For Problem Areas


40 Hour Organization



Full House Organization and Declutter

40 Man Hours

Full Home or Apartment Organization

Declutter, Organize, Clean

Spaces Up to 2000 Square Feet


What our customers are saying

MDX Senior Services helped my mom make the transition from her home of 40 years to a new senior living facility go smoothly and without problems.  What a godsend their help was for our family.

Kristen S,  Rockville, Maryland